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    Shenzhen dema pcb co., LTD., founded in 2003, is a leading manufacturer of quick sample and batch circuit boards in China.dema pcb' consistent service of "Rest assured board" and "on time delivery" has won high praise from the market. Products are widely used in communication, medical equipment, industrial control products, aviation, military products, testing instruments, automotive, computer peripheral products, consumer electronics and colleges and universities and other technology fields, dema pcb was Huawei Communications and ZTE technology as the "excellent supplier".At the same time, we also have strategic partnership with many well-known foreign brands. dema pcb has built factories in coastal and inland areas, with efficient management team and dedicated staff, so that dema pcb can provide customers with quality services in all aspects. At the same time, continuous technological innovation and the introduction of new equipment enable dema pcb to always follow the pace of cutting-edge technology.

Dema Pcb co., LTD. All staff believe and has been adhering to:
Customer first, fast, efficient, continuous innovation, grow together;
Train the first-class staff, manufacture the first-class products, provide the first-class service, establish the first-class image.

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